Why use Prospero Finance to find your commercial mortgage

With access to all of the mainstream lenders as well as the specialist lenders, Prospero Finance is well placed to work for you to source the best commercial mortgage for your individual circumstances. 

Commercial mortgages can be arranged for a variety of different properties with borrowing applicable for purchase and re-mortgaging. We are able to accept applications from individuals, limited companies and SPV’s.

No upfront fees

We’ll never ask you for any costs upfront in order to get you a decision in principle. Depending upon the project, we may need to charge a broker fee on completion, although we endeavour not to.

Whole of market access

We can search the entire market, meaning you get the most appropriate deal for your circumstances.

Trading business or investment applications accepted

We accept both business trading and investment applications.

Interest only available

We can choose from a wide range of interest only commercial mortgages to keep costs down.

Same day agreement in principle

Because we can access the entire market, you’ll get the best possible rates.

Market leading rates

There is no limit to the size of loan you can apply for using Prospero Finance.

100% LTV available with additional security

We offer commercial mortgages up to 100% of the property price.

No maximum loan

There is no max to the mortgage loans we can source for you.

Commercial mortgages explained

Commercial mortgages are arranged for the purpose of purchasing or re-mortgaging property that is primarily for commercial or business use and can be arranged for business to trade from, or alternatively as a form of investment (commercial buy to let).

Mortgages are provided by banks and other specialist financial institutes. Commercial mortgages are considered a complex type of lending requiring a higher level of expertise to successfully arrange.

The current typical LTV for a high street bank offering commercial mortgages is 65-70%, however there are higher LTV options available through Prospero Finance via specialist banks up to 75% on a standalone basis, or 100% with additional security if available.

High Street banks are able to provide us with rates above the bank of England base rate, but the interest rates for commercial mortgages vary according to a number of factors including but not limited to:

  • LTV
  • Property Type
  • Repayment Terms
  • Loan Size
  • Mortgage Type
  • Credit Scoring
  • Income Cover

Commercial mortgages are available for a wide variety of land and property types. Here we have listed some of the more recent property types we have secured competitive rates for.

  • HMO (houses in multiple occupancy)
  • Specialist buy to lets for flats under one freehold title
  • Owner occupation commercial mortgages
  • Investment purposes
  • Residential portfolios and Individual buy to let
  • Development Land
  • Industrial units
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Offices and office complexes
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail outlets
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Nursing and care homes